Spend the night in a Luxury Glamping Geodesic Dome!

Spend the night in a Luxury Glamping Geodesic Dome!

Featured on Discovery Channel's Building off the Grid!

The property was featured on Season 10 Episode 1 of Building off the Grid on the Discovery/DIY Network. See the struggles we over came to build this vacation rental in just 7 weeks. 

Off Grid Features

This dome is powered by solar power and cooled with earth tubes from the Caves!

Glamping not Camping

Enjoy the outdoors and nature on this secluded 16 acre property nestled below a 40 foot rock cliff and take in the views without having to give up all of your luxuries in life. Camping is fun until you have to use the bathroom or when you wake up in the morning and can't shower or must use a shared shower. This geodesic dome features a fully functioning bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower. No need for coolers when you have a fridge. No more worrying about the weather, you have an HVAC system to heat and cool to your preference.