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Center Hill Lake


Life at Center Hill Lake revolves around the water and the surrounding natural beauty. The lake spans 18,200 acres of serene water, boasting over 415 miles of shoreline and numerous coves waiting to be explored. It is a playground for water enthusiasts, offering boating, fishing, kayaking, and swimming opportunities in its crystal-clear waters. The landscape's diversity makes it an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure, with hiking trails leading to stunning viewpoints and secluded spots perfect for picnics or camping under the stars.

Center Hill Lake

Docks & Marinas

A view of boat slips at the Sligo Marina on Center Hill Lake during a pink and orange sunset reflecting on the lake.
An overhead view of the Hurricane Marina boathouse, dock and slips on Center Hill Lake

Center Hill Lake features several marinas that cater to visitors’ boating needs. Each offers boat rentals, slip services, fuel stations, and convenience stores stocked with boating essentials. These hubs serve as convenient access points for various water activities, from fishing to leisurely boating, providing amenities and services to enhance visitors’ experiences on the lake.

  • Location: 864 Floating Mill Rd, Silver Point, TN 38582
  • Website: Hurricane Marina
  • Services: Offers boat rentals, slip rentals, fuel station, ship store, restaurant, and live entertainment. Provides amenities for both casual boaters and those seeking more extensive services.
  • Location: 1100 Cookeville Boat Dock Rd, Baxter, TN 38544
  • Website: Cookeville Boat Dock
  • Services: Provides boat rentals, slip rentals, fuel station, convenience store, and other essential services for boaters. Also hosts events and offers amenities for visitors exploring the lake.
  • Location: 450 Cove Hollow Rd, Lancaster, TN 38569
  • Website: Center Hill Marina
  • Services: Offers boat rentals, slip rentals, fuel station, and a ship store providing necessary boating supplies and snacks. It caters to various boating needs.
  • Location: 2100 Edgar Evins State Park Rd, Silver Point, TN 38582
  • Website: Edgar Evins Marina
  • Services: Provides boat rentals, slip rentals, fuel station, and a store for boating essentials. Situated within Edgar Evins State Park, offering additional recreational opportunities.
  • Location: 6323 Pates Ford Rd, Smithville, TN 37166
  • Website: Pates Ford Marina
  • Services: Offers boat rentals, slip rentals, fuel station, ship store, and a restaurant. Provides amenities and services for visitors exploring the lake.
  • Location: 350 Sligo Rd, Smithville, TN 37166
  • Website: Sligo Marina
  • Services: Provides boat rentals, slip rentals, fuel station, ship store, and a restaurant. Offers various amenities and services for boaters and visitors.
  • Location: 485 Resort Ln, Smithville, TN 37166
  • Website: Four Seasons Marina
  • Services: Offers boat rentals, slip rentals, fuel station, convenience store, and other essential services for boaters and visitors exploring the lake.
Center Hill Lake

Glamping Domes

Center Hill Lake

Swimming Access

Young adult friends splashing and having fun at a Lake
A couple of friends enjoying a summer day while floating on rafts in a lake

Center Hill Lake offers designated swim areas that are typically marked with buoys or ropes to ensure the safety of swimmers. These areas are commonly found near certain recreational areas, beaches, or within the vicinity of some of the marinas and parks around the lake.

Popular locations where roped-off swim areas might be found include:

Edgar Evins State Park: This park has designated swimming areas with marked boundaries for safety.

Cove Hollow Park: It often has demarcated swim zones.

Floating Mill Park: It may have roped-off swim areas for visitors’ safety.

Center Hill Lake

State Parks

A view from Edgar Evins State Park of the Center Hill Dam on Center Hill Lake.
An overhead view of Burgess Falls cascading into the pool below at Burgess Falls State Park near Center Hill Lake.

Center Hill Lake is surrounded by several beautiful state parks. These state parks provide a range of outdoor activities and breathtaking landscapes, making them ideal destinations for nature lovers, hikers, campers, and anyone seeking a serene escape into the beauty of Tennessee’s natural surroundings.

Situated on the shores of Center Hill Lake, this park covers approximately 6,000 acres. It offers hiking trails with picturesque lake views, camping facilities, fishing opportunities, and a marina.

While not directly on Center Hill Lake, Burgess Falls State Park is nearby and definitely worth a visit. It’s known for its captivating waterfalls, with the main attraction being Burgess Falls, which plunges 136 feet. Visitors can explore hiking trails that lead to various viewpoints of the falls and enjoy picnicking in a beautiful natural setting.

Located a bit farther downstream from Center Hill Lake, Rock Island State Park is known for its scenic beauty and unique features. It offers swimming areas, hiking trails, and opportunities for fishing and kayaking. The park is famous for its cascading waterfalls and the ability to witness the confluence of the Caney Fork River and the Collins River.

Center Hill Lake

Adventure Guide

Center Hill Lake

Fishing Guides & Charters

A closeup view of a fly fishing bait being used at Center Hill Lake.
A fisherman casting his rod while almost knee deep in the Caney Creek River.

Center Hill Lake in Tennessee boasts several local fishing guides and charters that cater to anglers seeking a memorable fishing experience on the lake. These guides and charters are knowledgeable about the lake’s top fishing spots, seasonal patterns, and various techniques, enhancing the chances of a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

Offers guided fishing trips led by experienced anglers who know the lake’s prime fishing locations. They provide equipment, bait, and valuable insights to ensure a productive fishing excursion.

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