How Tennessee Glamping Started

When we first heard the term glamping, just like everyone else we thought what is glamping? With so many outdoor activities we thought let’s go glamping in Tennessee. With how popular it is around the world, we quickly began searching for the best places to go glamping near me? But that search was quickly met with disappointment. A few treehouses near Nashville, some tiny cabins near Gatlinburg, and some container homes near Chattanooga, but nothing that was a unique glamping experience, nothing that had the wow factor. We realized there were very few places to go glamping in Tennessee. That is the moment when we had the thought to start are own Tennessee Glamping experience.

We set out to create a glamping getaway that would not only be the best glamping in Tennessee we wanted it to rival the best glamping spots in the world. We wanted to make being outdoors an easy experience for everyone. Something that would make people that don’t camp want to still go. A place that could be a romantic weekend getaway, a place for families to gather around the campfire and tell stories, a pet friendly glamping experience. Yes, dogs love glamping too! Throughout countless market research we stumbled upon something that seemed like it was from a fairy tale or possibly another planet. 

We definitely aren't the first glamping destination in the USA. Being the first to market has its advantages but being best in market can also have its advantages. How could we improve the guest experience of such as unique glamping experience? Our amenities and accommodations had to be better, our location and property needed to be better. Not all glamping experiences are created equal. We wanted a bucket list worthy glamping experience not to be mistaken with tent camping. No guest would use a communal toilets or showers, so we decided to put private bathrooms in each dome. We didn’t want our guest to feel like they were at a campground and have other guests 75 feet away so we made sure our property had enough space to spread out and provide private secluded glamping domes. The mountain view well, that was just the cherry on top!

What else could you need for a luxury glamping trip? A hot tub, it’s only officially glamping with a hot tub.

After all the planning we were ready to finally start building our glamping dome near Nashville Tennessee when we were contacted to film a TV show for Discovery Network. Here is the story about filming the TV show.

Glamping is popular all over the world but, glamping in tennessee has really started to become a popular destination. Tennessee Glamping is proud to be joining the glamping movement to reconnect people with the outdoors.

Are you ready to glamp? Check out our calendar for available dates.