What is Glamping

Travel is changing, no longer are the days of people wanting to stay in hotels and have a cookie cutter vacation. People want to explore on our terms, which is why Airbnb is become so popular in recent years. Glamping at its basic definition is glamour + camping but really it's whatever you make it. If you like being outdoors and love spending time with others outdoors then glamping might be the perfect fit for your. Read more about glamping in our latest blog post. 

Filming a TV Show

In the middle of the crazy year of 2020, it only go more crazy when we were selected to film an episode for Discovery Network. When we finalized plans to build a geodesic dome on our property, we reached out to the casting director of "Building off the Grid" to see if they'd be interested in our project. Not long after we applied they reached out for more details and said the network was interested in our unique project. After a few weeks of phone calls, zoom meetings, and emails the film crew was onsite for Day 1 of the build. This was a completely new experience for everyone one involved. We had to catch on quick, being mic'd up and filmed for 8-10 hours straight can get stressful. Everyone on the project was mic'd up the whole time! They ask you questions that you cant answer at the most inopportune times. And most importantly they're only there for a few days at a time so they have an agenda of what they want to film even when it doesn't align with your plans. The crew was on site for 10 days out of 23 working days, but had time lapse cameras around the property the entire time. On of our fears was the TV show would portray us in a bad light with cursing, fighting, or not knowing how to do something. But in the end, we were very happy with the final version of the episode. It was a great opportunity to document our build, make a little money, and learn how the "show business" works. The most common question we get is "was it worth it" and we always say absolutely. 

Amenities you get with Glamping

Glamping is ideal for adventures who have a love for the outdoors but don't want to sacrifice modern conveniences. If you've never heard of Glamping check out our glamping overview post. At our domes you'll be immersed in nature but with all the amenities you'd expect from a hotel. Guests can relax knowing they wont have to bring all of the typical camping supplies. We'll start with the most popular amenity, the hot tub, each dome comes with a private hot tub with a mountain view. From there our guests can enjoy, a propane grill, fire pit, a kitchen with refrigerator, hot water, drinking water, WiFi, virtual reality(oculus quest 2) and a private bathroom in the dome. Each bathroom is equipped with a sink, toilet, hot shower and towels, and robes. It wouldn't be glamping without heat and air, to keep our guests comfortable all year round. Gone are the days of sleeping on a cot or in a sleeping bag, our domes have real beds and more blankets than you'd ever need to get a good nights sleep after a long day of hiking. Bring your food, drinks and clothes but leave the rest at home when you go on a glamping getaway!

Top 8 hiking trails near Tennessee Glamping

From waterfalls to mountain views, we've created a list of the top 8 hiking trails that our guest enjoy the most. 

How Tennessee Glamping Started

When we first heard the term glamping, just like everyone else we thought what is glamping? With so many outdoor activities we thought let’s go glamping in Tennessee. With how popular it is around the world, we quickly began searching for the best places to go glamping near me? But that search was quickly met with disappointment. A few treehouses near Nashville, some tiny cabins near Gatlinburg, and some container homes near Chattanooga, but nothing that was a unique glamping experience, nothing that had the wow factor. We realized there were very few places to go glamping in Tennessee. That is the moment when we had the thought to start are own Tennessee Glamping experience. Read more about this story.